Helping Pets Get Home

Free Ride Home

We understand that dogs and cats get out sometimes. That’s why we created Free Ride Home! This program allows us to give your cat or dog a ride home if they are microchipped with correct information and they have a city license. This program only applies to first time escapees.

Field Service Officers will return properly licensed and microchipped animals to their home without impound fees. Check out our page on city licensing and microchipping.

The First 48

Data shows that most animals are picked up within 1/4 mile of their house and are returned at a higher rate if not taken to the animal shelter.  So we are empowering citizens to hold onto a found pet for the first 48 hours while actively searching for their human family, providing food & supplies as needed.  To learn more about what to do when you find a displaced pet, click here!

Petco Love Lost

Petco Love Lost uses facial recognition software to report or search for lost or found pets nationwide. It’s free and easy to use. Search for your lost pet today.

If you have found a pet, please refer to our Found Pet Resources

A triple threat “facial recognition technology” designed to assist the public in three ways. Owners can upload photos of lost pets, a person can upload photos of pet they found, and shelters can upload all animals in their shelter. The software matches photos and then contacts all parties involved of the match. Software also shows potential adopters all the animals at a shelter.