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If you have found a pet:

Thank you so much for helping a lost pet!

Note: Pets can quickly become disorderly in appearance. It is important not to assume that the pet was dumped or not loved and cared for by its family. 

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Senior Dog

Step One

If possible, secure the animal.

Some pets are scared so be patient and persistent.

If you cannot safely contain the pet, call Animal Services at 501-843-2021.


Step Two

Check for tags or injuries. 

If the pet has tags, call or text their parents and set up a reunion. If they have a city registration tag, call the animal shelter at 501-843-2021 for owner information. Similarly, if they have a rabies tag, call the vet office it originated from. Sometimes the owner information is stitched directly onto the collar so make sure to look there as well.

Microchipping Your Pet - Cabot, Arkansas

Step Three

Take the pet to one of our Microchip Scanning Locations to have them scanned for a microchip.

If the pet has a microchip, look up the microchip number on Michelson Found Animal Registry. If the pet’s microchip is not registered there, you can look up the number on AAHA Microchip Lookup. This will tell you the microchip company that the chip originated from. Call the company and ask for them to contact the owner. 

Step Four

Hold onto the pet for 48 hours.

Typically, pets don’t wander too far from home so the chances are that someone is looking for them close to where they were found. You can fill out a Found Pet form so the shelter staff knows that a pet has been found. You should also view pets reported as Lost to see if the pet you found is listed.

Pit bull mix

Step Five

Spread the word!

You can print found dog/cat flyers to post around the area you found the pet. Also post the dog/cat on Petco Love Lost, PetFBI, PawboostConcerned Citizens of Cabot Lost and Found Pet page on Facebook and on the Arkansas Lost and Found Pets Network website. Be sure to check out these tips for taking photos of found pets!

Find a Pet After Hours?

Not sure what to do? You’re in luck! We now have numerous After-Hours Microchip Scanner Locations to assist you if you locate a displaced pet after business hours.

Please check the hours of operation before driving to any location.

If you are a business in Cabot that is open outside of the normal 8:00-5:00 M-F and would like to host one of our microchip scanners, please email Brandy at