Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet:

Step One

If you have lost a dog, put out food, water, and its bed or an article of your clothing. There is a good chance that the dog will return.

Step Two

Fill out a Lost and Found Pet Form. This is submitted directly to the shelter. All pets who come into the shelter are listed here. Keep an eye on the website just in case.

Step Three

Spread the word! Print lost flyers. Post them  around where your pet was last seen and go door to door. Flyers can also be taken to vet clinics and the police department. Post that your pet as missing on Petco Love LostPetFBIPawboost, Concerned Citizens of Cabot Lost and Found Pets Facebook page and Arkansas Lost and Found Pets Network website.
A triple threat “facial recognition technology” designed to assist the public in three ways. Owners can upload photos of lost pets, a person can upload photos of pet they found, and shelters can upload all animals in their shelter. The software matches photos and then contacts all parties involved of the match. Software also shows potential adopters all the animals at a shelter.

Before your pet goes missing:

Step One

Have your pet microchipped.

If they are already microchipped, make sure that the information is up to date.

Pet registries

Michelson Found Animals 

You will also want to make sure that your pet is registered on the following registries: Michelson Found Animals Registry

If your pet is found, the finder can look up the microchip number and it will automatically send a text message, email, and phone call to the owner. WOW!

Cabot Animal Support Services Registry

If your pet is registered here, we can easily look up your contact information and reunify your family member!

Do you need a microchip? This can be done at any vet clinic or at the shelter. Microchips at the shelter are $25. Please call (501)843-2021 to schedule a microchip appointment.

Step Two

Take a good picture of your pet and create a profile on Petco Love Lost.

Step Three

Make sure they have a collar with your contact information either stitched onto the collar or on a tag.