Why Is It Important To Microchip

Losing your pet can be a traumatic and even tragic event. Conscientious pet guardians protect their pets with collars and ID tags. Unfortunately, collars and ID tags are not foolproof and dogs and cats can still get lost. Collars can break or fall-off, leaving your beloved pet among the countless, unidentified lost strays at animal shelters.

What are microchips?

Microchips are implantable computer chips that encode a unique identification number to help reunite you with your lost pet. They are no bigger than a grain of rice and they are placed under your pet’s skin with a needle and syringe, not much differently than a routine vaccine. Unlike collars and ID tags, they can never break or fall-off. They work by receiving a radio signal from a scanner and transmitting the encoded chip identification number back to the scanner. With the chip identification number in hand, the vital contact information is only a phone call away.

Microchip Clinic Details

Cabot Animal Support Services offers Microchipping services for Dogs and Cats for $25. This price includes registration for the life of the animal and a one year maintenance plan. There are never any additional fees unless, after one year, you change your address or phone numbers.

Schedule an Appointment

We microchip dogs and cats by appointment Monday – Friday from 12pm to 5pm. To schedule your appointment, please contact the shelter directly at 501-843-2021. We also offer Saturday microchip clinics twice a year.

Find a Pet After Hours?

Not sure what to do? You’re in luck! We now have numerous After-Hours Microchip Scanner Locations to assist you if you locate a displaced pet after business hours.

Please check the hours of operation before driving to any location.

If you are a business in Cabot that is open outside of the normal 8:00-5:00 M-F and would like to host one of our microchip scanners, please email Brandy at bbuie@cabotar.gov.