Pit Bull Registration

Effective May 15th, 2019

To allow the citizens of Cabot to sustain the human/animal bond that is necessary for a healthy community, the city of Cabot recognizes a group of dogs classified as “Pit Bulls” and allows these dogs to live within the city as long as they receive and maintain a permit. All dogs classified as “Pit Bulls” within the city limits of Cabot will be required to have an annual permit. Registration details are below.

Pit Bull Definition:

  • Any “Pit Bull” dog – “Pit Bull” dog is defined to mean:
    • The Bull Terrier breed
    • The Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed
    • The American Pit Bull Terrier breed
    • The American Staffordshire Terrier breed
    • Dogs of mixed breed containing one of the aforementioned breeds
    • Any dog that has the appearance and predominant characteristics of the aforementioned breeds

Registration/Permit Process:

  1. Permit fee. The owner or custodian shall pay an annual permit fee of $150, in addition to all other required fees, for each year that the dog is kept within the city limits.
  2. Rabies vaccination. The dog must be vaccinated against Rabies by a licensed veterinarian as required by Arkansas Statutes.
  3. Current city license. The owner must purchase an annual city license for the dog, and the dog must wear the city license tag on its collar at all times.
  4. Microchip. The dog must be identified by means of a microchip that is injected under its skin by a licensed veterinarian and maintained as long as the animal is kept within the city limits.
  5. Photo. The owner must bring their dog to the city animal shelter to have its photo taken with the owner.
  6. Sterilized. The owner must provide documentary proof from a licensed veterinarian that their dog has been spayed or neutered. This requirement shall not apply if:
    • Animal services receives a letter from the owner’s veterinarian, to be confirmed by the animal services veterinarian, stating that the dog is physically unable to reproduce or that the dog is medically compromised to the extent that it cannot be safely sterilized;
    • The dog is a registered AKC or UKC show dog with points; or
    • The dog is a registered AKC or UKC dog with points, and the owner purchases an annual breeder’s permit for a fee established by the city with the restriction that the dog shall be allowed to produce or sire no more than one (1) litter per calendar year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. For any additional litter produced in any calendar year, there shall be a fine, in addition to any other fine, of five hundred dollars ($500.00) against both the sire and the bitch, and two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) for each live pup.
  7. Insurance.  The owner must provide documentary proof from an insurance company, licensed in the State of Arkansas, of Liability coverage of not less than $300,000 (Proof of Homeowners or Renters Insurance will suffice).

Permit conditions.

  1. Place of confinement. The permitted dog must reside at the owner’s residence or place of business.
  2. Window sticker. An annual window sticker, provided at the time of registration, must be posted on the owner’s property and visible from the street to indicate that the dog breed resides on the property.
  3. Confinement. The dog shall be confined indoors or by means of a fence that is of adequate height and construction to prevent the dog’s escape. Pit Bull dogs shall not be confined by means of an electronic containment device, or electronic fence. When outside of an area of confinement, a Pit Bull dog must be restrained by means of a secure leash held by an adult who has the ability to control the dog.
  4. No transfer of permit. A Pit Bull permit shall not transfer to a new owner residing in the city limits. The new owner must meet all registration requirements within ten (10) days of acquiring the dog.
  5. Relocation reported. The owner of a Pit Bull dog may relocate the dog to the owner’s new Cabot residence if the owner contacts animal services prior to the relocation in order to report the new address and obtain a new window sticker. The new window sticker must be posted at the new residence within thirty (30) days of the move.
  6. Maximum number. The number of Pit Bull dogs kept, maintained or harbored at one residence shall not exceed two (2).