Pet Licensing

All dogs and cats kept in the city limits must have a city issued “License” according to Ordinance Number 13 of 2014.

Pet License Fees (1 yr)

The fees are as follows:

  • $15.00 for pets that are non-spayed or non-neutered
  • $5.00 for pets that are spayed or neutered

Stop by the Cabot Animal Shelter during lobby hours with your pets proof of rabies vaccine to apply for your pet license. You are not required to bring your pet.

How to License Your Dog or Cat

Every dog and cat living in the City of Cabot and over the age of 4 months must be licensed. You can purchase your Cabot dog and cat license at the Animal Shelter, 2951 S. First St. during lobby business hours, which is open Monday through Friday from noon to 5 pm or via phone during regular business hours from 8am to 5pm.

You must provide proof of current rabies vaccination and, if applicable, a veterinarian certificate of spay or neuter. Spayed or neutered dog and cat licenses are reduced price ($5 per year spayed/neutered, $15 per year not spayed/neutered).

Pit Bull Registration

To allow the citizens of Cabot to sustain the human/animal bond that is necessary for a healthy community, the city of Cabot recognizes a group of dogs classified as “Pit Bulls” and allows these dogs to live within the city as long as they receive and maintain a permit. Learn more.