Need-Based Assistance

Hope Fund

In order to keep pets with their families and not brought to shelter when a sudden medical issue arises, we will assist with a voucher program to make sure the pet is seen by a veterinarian and options given to the families. If you are in need of help in this area, please fill out our Hope Fund Application.  Applicants/Pets must reside within Cabot city limits.  

Fences for Fido

When noticed by an Animal Services Officer that an animal escaped through a slightly damaged fence then minor fence repairs may be provided to keep pets secure and the public safe.

No Paws Left Behind

Pet deposits are the number one reason given when surrendering a pet to the animal shelter. Data also explains that after moving most people who gave up a pet to move acquire another pet within 3 months. This program will provide deposit assistance to keep animals from coming into the shelter. If you are in need of help paying the pet deposit, please fill out our No Paws Left Behind Application.  Applicants/Pets must reside within Cabot city limits.  

Helping Hands

Research shows that victims of domestic abuse who own pets are less likely to leave their abuser if the pet cannot stay with them at the new location/shelter.  Abusers often use the pet as they would a child to keep control over the victim.  That coupled with the fact that only approximately 90 out of 3,000 shelters nationwide are considered pet friendly, forcing victims to either abandon their animal or stay in an unsafe situation.  This program will provide boarding/foster support to care for the pet, allowing the victim to focus on the physical and emotional recovery of themselves and their children.

If you need help getting out of an abusive situation, please call Lonoke County Safe Haven’s Hotline at 501-941-4357.

If you would like to foster for this program, please fill out our Foster Hero Form.

Dogs eat. Cats dine – Food Pantry

Community food pantry that provides dog and cat food to assist those who might otherwise have to give up their family pet due to food insecurities. If you or someone you know is needing pet food assistance, call (501)628-5900.