Volunteering for Cabot Animal Support Services

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Cabot Animal Support Services and without their time, talents, and resources we would not be able to save the lives of cats and dogs each year. Whether you have a free day on the weekend or an occasional hour after work, there is a place for you at Cabot Animal Support Services.

Basic Requirements for Volunteers

  • Must have a working email account.
  • Must be able to purchase a volunteer t-shirt and wear it every time you volunteer.
  • Mature and respectful attitude is required while volunteering at all times.
  • Volunteers 16-18 must have a waiver signed by a parent, and volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • Support the Cabot Animal Support Services mission

Tasks Include

  • Training and caring for dogs and cats.
  • Helping animals find their forever homes
  • Supporting special events

Volunteer Teams

Our volunteers specialize in different forms of volunteerism by participating on a team. Check out the description of our volunteer teams to determine which is right for you.

Paws on the Ground

In our new case management style of operation this is our “Street Team” of volunteers. They are out in the community providing many of the services we offer – directly to the doorstep of the public, while listening to what is truly needed.  Then bringing those needs to the attention of our team so we can directly help or provide them with a list of organizations that can assist with what they need.

Ready to join the team?

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Can't come in to volunteer?

Learn about other ways you can help!

Complete a Volunteer Project

Help us provide comfort and entertain the many animals in our care.
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Host a Supply Drive

Schools, teams, and organizations are encouraged to host supply drives. Items may be purchased directly from our Amazon wish list and delivered to CASS.
Wish List

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Many items on our wish list can also be found in your cabinets and closets at home. We accept gently worn towels and blankets, unopened pet food, and unopened jars of creamy peanut butter and canned pumpkin
Any questions?

Send Something Special to the Animals at CASS​

Visit our Amazon.com wish list and ship items directly to us by selecting our gift address at checkout! 

Activities to Benefit Your Pets (or CASS!)

No-sew blankets are easy to make and they keep our dogs and cats comfy and warm during their stay with us. You can make small ones for the cats and bigger ones for the dogs. More info

This project requires sharp tools and materials—not recommended for small children.

Dog rope toys are great for heavy chewers and for the dogs to play with while they wait to be adopted. These toys are interactive, durable, and machine washable. More info

Who doesn’t need an extra leash laying around? Made from durable paracord, these leashes are fun to make and long lasting. More info.

It is no secret that dogs and cats have an amazing sense of smell and they want to use it! These interactive mats allow our animals to sniff out hidden treats. Fun challenges like snuffle mats help keep our animals happy and engaged while in our care and, therefore, at their most adoptable. It’s so much more rewarding to hunt for your snack first! More info.

This project requires sharp tools and materials—not recommended for small children.

This project may take a few more supplies and a little more skill to make, but the payoff is huge. Cats love these simple toys made of wire and twists of paper! The movement of the pieces of paper at the end of a wire attracts a cat’s attention and awakens their natural instinct to hunt. Once caught and released, the paper springs back and bounces around erratically on the wire mimicking prey and making for hours of self-sustaining entertainment. More info.

Collect These Items

Don’t throw away the tubes once the toilet paper and paper towels are gone. They make great small animal toys! Stuff them with vegetables for your bunnies and guinea pigs or give them to your gerbils and hamsters for chew toys.

Cats and dogs can pay with cardboard tubes, too. Hide a few pieces of kibble in a tube, close the ends and watch your pets break through the tube to find the treat.

If you have a place to store these tubes, collect them for the adoption center animals. We will accept them at one of our adoption centers.

We always need towels and blankets at our adoption center.