Rehoming Support

Cabot Animal Support Services is here to support you in finding a new home for your pet.

We understand that situations arise that make it difficult or event impossible for your pet to stay with you.

When rehoming your pet, it is important to be thorough and patient. Finding the right home can take some time but the effort is worth the cost knowing that your pet has found the perfect home.

We ask that you commit at least a month to finding the best home for your pet.

Rehoming Resources

We have many great resources to help you rehome your pet safely. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Check out our Rehoming Guide

If you need to discuss pet relinquishment, please email

Ways to Rehome

You can post your pet as available for adoption through Rehome or Home to Home.

Rehome is part of the Adopt-a-Pet family. Any animal you post as available for adoption here will be viewable by anyone who is looking for a pet on Adopt-a-Pet – millions of viewers per month!

Home to Home is a site specifically dedicated to members of the Cabot community and surrounding areas. Pets profiles can be created quickly and will be viewable to anyone who looks at the Cabot Animal Support Services website for a new pet!