Public Services


A pet with a properly registered, and up to date microchip, ensures pets are reunited with their family.  So we offer microchipping 5 days a week.  For more information and a link to our scheduling system, check out our Microchipping page.

Spay / Neuter

Part of responsible pet ownership is providing for the animal’s health while not increasing the number of unwanted pets in our community.  We offer low cost spay / neuter services weekly to the public. For more information, please visit our Events page.

Drive Through Vaccination Clinics

Vaccinations are essential to maintain healthy pets, so we offer a semi-annual drive through vaccination clinic.  Visit our Events page for more information.

Schedule an Appointment

We microchip dogs and cats by appointment Monday – Friday from 12pm to 5pm. To schedule your appointment, please contact the shelter directly at 501-843-2021. We also offer Saturday microchip clinics twice a year.