Rehoming and Adoption

Get’em a Home

Public rehoming program utilizing technology and resources such as “Rehome” and “Home to Home” as an alternative to surrendering their pets to the shelter.  This will empower pet owners to have a say in finding a new, loving home for the pets they love but can no longer care for.

Golden Opportunity

Data shows that pets are a great way to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation many seniors feel. They can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety and have even been found to reduce physical health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol.  This program will provide reduced or free adoptions for those over the age of 65 for pets over the age of 8.

Working Cat Program

This program provides healthy, socially awkward (feral), cats with a chance to live doing what they love best.  Providing services to farms, warehouses, hotels, feed stores, and many other locations. If you are interested in adopting a working cat, please fill out an adoption application.

Foster Programs

This includes a large variety of programs, all with the goal of finding new adoptive homes for our resident companion animals. If you would like more information on this program, please check out our Foster page

ResQ Riders

ResQ Riders connects our shelter pets with rescue groups up north. Transferring them to our rescue partners guarantees their safety and expedites their placement. These groups have pre-approved adopters waiting in their area. Donations from the public have enabled us to continue these efforts. Please consider contributing to our ResQ Riders fund.

Once you have adopted your new pet, make sure to register them on Finding Rover. If ever they get out, you can label them as “missing” and Finding Rover will use facial recognition to search local databases for found pets matching their picture.

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